Inquiry into the 2013-14 Budget Estimates

2013-14 Budget Briefing Breakfast Seminar

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, in conjunction with the Department of Treasury and Finance, will hold its annual Budget Briefing Breakfast Seminar on Thursday 9 May 2013.

Mr Grant Hehir, Secretary, and Ms Melissa Skilbeck, Deputy Secretary, Budget and Finance, Department of Treasury and Finance, spoke about the key features of the 2013-14 Budget, including:

  • the Budget's assessment of where Victoria currently sits in terms of its economic standing and the immediate challenges facing the Budget;
  • progress on the medium-term fiscal strategy and any changes to the Government's fiscal strategy or economic reform strategy since last year;
  • an outline of any changes to the themes and strategic priorities underpinning the Budget and how those changes are reflected in funding allocations to departments;
  • the quantum and composition of estimated Commonwealth funding to Victoria compared with the previous year and where the projected expenditure is presented in the Budget;
  • projections for net debt and NFPS liabilities and the budget strategies to address these issues;
  • any innovative features of the infrastructure program such as new funding strategies and any significant changes to the planned nature and level of private sector involvement; and
  • any changes to the structure of budget papers and the presentation of content to improve transparency and assist MPs and the community to comprehend technical and complex material.

The presentation can be found pdf here 397.30 Kb .

Hearings and Transcripts


The 2013-14 Budget Estimates Hearings are being held from Friday 10 May 2013 to Friday 24 May 2013 inclusive. The final schedule is available pdf here 22.45 Kb.

Transcripts, Presentations and responses to Questions on Notice arising from Hearings

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Friday 10 May 2013

Hon Michael O'Brien MP

Hon Dr Denis Napthine MP

Monday 13 May 2013

Presiding Officers - Hon Ken Smith MP (Speaker) and Hon Bruce Atkinson MLC (President)

Hon Edward O'Donohue MLC

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Hon David Davis MLC

Hon David Hodgett MP

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Hon Terry Mulder MP

Hon Louise Asher MP

Thursday 16 May 2013

Hon Kim Wells MP

Hon Robert Clark MP

Friday 17 May 2013

Hon Martin Dixon MP

Hon Peter Ryan MP

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Hon Peter Hall MLC

Hon Hugh Delahunty MP

Matthew Guy MLC

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Hon Nicholas Kotsiras MP

Hon Jeanette Powell MP

Hon Wendy Lovell MLC

Thursday 23 May 2013

Hon Peter Walsh MP

Hon Mary Wooldridge MP

Friday 24 May 2013

Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips MlC

Hon Ryan Smith MP

Hon Heidi Victoria MP


Terms of Reference


About budget estimates inquiries

During May, the Committee holds public hearings to scrutinise the planned expenditure and activities of all government portfolios and the Parliamentary Departments.

All Ministers and senior departmental officers are invited to appear before the Committee and are questioned on the proposed expenditure of departments for the next financial year.

Before the Budget is brought down by the Treasurer, the Committee forwards a questionnaire to all departments seeking information to supplement the details that will be contained in the Budget Papers.

The Committee's objective in its scrutiny of the budget estimates is to:

  • constructively contribute to improving the presentation of budget information, to the Parliament and the community of Victoria ;
  • facilitate a greater understanding of the budget estimates;
  • encourage clear, full and precise statements of the Government's objectives and planned budget outcomes; and
  • encourage economical, efficient and effective administration.

The aim of the Committee is to table the report during debate on the appropriation bills in the Parliament.

Contents and News

The 2013-14 Budget Estimates Hearings are scheduled to take place between Friday 10 May 2013 and Friday 24 May 2013 inclusive.

When available, the schedule, transcripts and presentations (if provided) can be found here .

Aftering tabling, reports can be found here .