Bills this Week

This page lists bills Parliament is working on during a sitting week. You can access all Victorian bills and laws on the legislation website. To learn more about the legislative process, go to how a law is made.

Parliament is not sitting this week.  The next sitting week begins on Tuesday 22 August 2017.

Below are bills Parliament considered during the sitting week of 8 August 2017.


New Bills released

Domestic Animals Amendment (Restricted Breed Dogs) Bill 2017

Removes the prohibition on keeping restricted breed dogs in Victoria and allows councils to register these dogs, and places new requirements on owners of a dangerous dog.

Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Amendment (Real-time Prescription Monitoring) Bill 2017

Provides for the creation and administration of a database to monitor the supply of certain poisons and controlled substances.

Justice Legislation Amendment (Body-worn Cameras and Other Matters) Bill 2017

Allows police and other prescribed persons to use body-worn cameras and tablet computers to record certain private conversations in the course of their duties without a warrant, and to disclose that information to prescribed persons in certain situations.

Game Management Authority Amendment Bill 2017

This Bill amends the Game Management Authority Act 2017 to provide for the Game Management Authority to exercise new objectives and functions relating to game hunting.


Passed the Assembly (will now go to the Council)

Environment Protection Bill 2017

Health Legislation Amendment (Quality and Safety) Bill 2017

Planning and Building Legislation Amendment (Housing Affordability and Other Matters) Bill 2017

Yarra River Protection (Wilip-gin Birrarung murron) Bill 2017


Defeated in the Assembly

Crimes Amendment (Ramming of Police Vehicles) Bill 2017


Passed Parliament (will now go to the Governor for Royal Assent)

Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill 2017

Corrections Legislation Miscellaneous Amendment Bill 2017

Crimes Legislation Amendment (Public Order) Bill 2017

Disability Amendment Bill 2017

Sentencing Amendment (Sentencing Standards) Bill 2017