Inquiry into Effective Decision Making for the Successful Delivery of Significant Infrastructure Projects

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Final Report

The Committee tabled its final report (pdf9.32 Mb) in Parliament on Wednesday 12 December 2012.

Report from pdf Evans and Peck 2.76 Mb . This report contains advice on specific aspects of three of the terms of reference to provide expert input to the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee’s overall inquiry report. The documentation available for this review has been limited and has not involved consultation with Victorian government agencies. This report therefore cannot be regarded as a comprehensive or complete audit of the performance of selected projects or of departmental processes employed across the Victorian government.

Public Hearings

The Committee will be holding Public Hearings in relation to Term of Reference (d) 21 to 24 August 2012 inclusive, and on 8 October 2012.

The August hearings will be held in the Legislative Council Committee Room (LCCR), Parliament House.

The schedule can be found here.

If you would like to make a Submission to the Committee in regard to its new reference, please email


Terms of Reference

Received from the Legislative Assembly on 5 May 2011

That to strengthen effective decision making for the successful delivery of significant infrastructure projects, including public-private partnership arrangements, there is an integral need for public sector managers overseeing these projects to possess appropriate skills and expertise in the field and therefore, requires that under s 33 of the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003, an inquiry be referred to the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee for consideration and report no later than 14 December 2012 on:

(a) the competencies and skills that public sector managers require for the effective evaluation, decision making and oversight of significant infrastructure projects and protection of the public interest;

(b) the extent to which Government policies such as the National Public Private Partnership Policy and Guidelines and the Partnerships Victoria Requirements specify these requisite competencies and skills, and support the Department of Treasury and Finance's application of these across the public sector;

(c) strategies in place within the public sector for the development of such requisite competencies and skills and for their ongoing refinement and enhancement through knowledge-building from the sharing of best practice examples and guidance in the public sector;

(d) whether particular significant infrastructure projects have been developed and implemented in a manner which aligns with the public interest and maximises transparency and accountability for the life-cycle of the project;

(e) relevant infrastructure delivery strategies and practices, including in public-private partnerships, in relation to enhancing public sector expertise in place in other Australasian jurisdictions and relevant jurisdictions outside Australia; and

(f) the merits of centralisation versus decentralisation of available skilled experts in the Victorian public sector during the life-cycle stages of public-private partnership projects, including considering any benefits that may be derived from greater flexibility to contract specialist services from external sources.


pdf Download the PDF version of the above Terms of Reference here 26.71 Kb



The Committee has commenced its inquiry, referred to it by the Legislative Assembly under s33 of the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003, into Effective Decision Making for the Successful Delivery of Significant Infrastructure Projects.

The Committee invited comments, via written submissions, from individuals and organisations on any aspects of the Terms of Reference .

The closing date for submissions was Friday 11 November 2011. All submissions are treated as public documents and are published, unless confidentiality is requested or the Committee exercises it discretion.

To date, the following submissions have been approved for publication as evidence (other submissions received are to be considered in time):

pdf Dr James Porter 190.32 Kb

pdf RBconsult 648.38 Kb

pdf BERIT 308.22 Kb

pdf Victorian Auditor-General's Office 583.49 Kb

pdf Ensemble Partners 2.40 Mb

pdf Foster Infrastructure 1.11 Mb

pdf APESMA 571.82 Kb

pdf CFMEU 745.11 Kb

pdf AIPM 606.21 Kb

pdf Committee for Melbourne 327.72 Kb

pdf Engineers Australia 1.43 Mb

pdf Macquarie Capital 260.42 Kb

pdf Consult Australia 629.43 Kb

pdf Lazard Pty Ltd 175.94 Kb

pdf Prof. Graeme Hodge (Monash Uni) & Assoc. Prof. Colin Duffield (Uni. of Melb) 338.16 Kb

pdf Plenary Group 320.77 Kb

pdf VECCI 291.60 Kb

pdf VANZI 4.77 Mb

pdf Department of Treasury and Finance 1.88 Mb

pdf Institute of Public Affairs 539.40 Kb