Inquiry into Opportunities for Participation of Victorian Seniors

Hearing and transcripts

The following witnesses have given evidence to this Inquiry.

6 September 2011, Melbourne

pdf Council on the Ageing (COTA), Victoria 56.02 Kb

Ms Sue Hendy, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Debra Parnell, Manager, Policy Unit

pdf National Seniors Australia 66.77 Kb

Mr Peter Matwijiw, General Manager, Policy and Research

Professor Judith Sloan, Chair

Mr Don McDonald, Chair, State Policy Advisory Group (Victoria)

pdf Victorian Council of Social Services (VCOSS) 47.96 Kb

Ms Kate Colvin, Policy Affairs Manager

pdf Retirement Village Association  80.54 Kb

Mr Andrew Giles, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Craig Little, Senior Consultant, Currie Communications

pdf Rural Doctors Association of Victoria 51.62 Kb

Dr Michael Moynihan, President

pdf Business, Work and Ageing Centre for Research, Swinburne University of Technology 64.00 Kb

Associate Professor Elizabeth Brooke, Director of Research

pdf Carers Victoria 59.68 Kb

Ms Anne Muldowney, Policy Advisor, Policy and Research

pdf U3A Network Victoria 61.09 Kb

Ms Elsie Mutton, President

9 September 2011, Melbourne

pdf Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria 50.16 Kb

Mr Terry MacDonald, President

pdf Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) 60.52 Kb

Associate Professor John Fitzgerald, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Dr Julie Woods, Manager, Nutrition and Food Systems

pdf Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce (VECCI) 57.34 Kb

Mr Andrew Rimington, Senior Management, Employment , Education and Training

Ms Raewynn Black, Manager, Grey Matters Project

pdf Elder Rights Advocacy 63.28 Kb

Ms Mary Lyttle, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Alan Field, Treasurer, Committee of Management

Mr Ken Thornton, Committee of Management

pdf Seniors Rights Victoria 69.12 Kb

Ms Jenny Blakey, Manager

Ms Jenny Lord, Service Promotion Officer

Ms Philippa Campbell, Advocate

pdf Healthy Ageing Research Unit, Monash University 66.92 Kb

Professor Colette Browning, Head, Primary Care Research Unit

Professor Susan Feldman, Director, Associate

pdf National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) 55.83 Kb

Dr Bruce Barber, Deputy Director, Biomedical

Ms Melaine Joosten, Master of Social Work

Ms Debra O'Connor, Deputy Director, Operations

pdf The Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) 72.79 Kb

Ms Marie Curlis, Vice President

Ms Robin Harvey, Executive Committee Member

Dr Ralph Hampson, Member

5 October 2011, Melbourne

pdf Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Right Commission (VEOHRC) 65.41 Kb

Ms Karen Toohey, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Ms Rivkah Nissim, Senior Advisor, Strategic Projects

pdf University of Melbourne 61.20 Kb

Professor Simon Biggs

pdf beyondblue 55.47 Kb

Ms Suzanne Pope, Director, Research and Planning

Ms Sue Gherdovich, Program Manager, Population Health

pdf Volunteering Victoria 52.65 Kb

Ms Dianne Embry, Chief Executive Officer

pdf Association of Independent Retirees (AIR) 54.86 Kb

Ms Linda Martin, President, Victorian Division

Mr Gordon Weller, Past President

pdf Australian Institute for Primary Care and Ageing, La Trobe University 65.27 Kb

Professor Yvonne Wells

Professor Jeni Warburton

pdf Benetas 74.12 Kb

Mr Alan Gruner, Research and Development Manager

Ms Jane Boag, Executive Manager Residential Services

pdf Brotherhood of St Laurence 58.10 Kb

Ms Christine Morka, General Manager, Retirement and Ageing

Ms Helen Kimberley, Principal Researcher

18 October 2011, Melbourne

pdf Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) 61.48 Kb

Mr Rob Spence, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Clare Hargreaves, Manager, Social Policy

Ms Jan Bruce, Policy Advisor

pdf Life Activities Clubs Australia 61.35 Kb

Mr Lindsay Doig, President

Mr Don Wollmer, Deputy President

Dr Heather Wheat, Secretary

pdf Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV) 65.80 Kb

Ms Marian Lau, Deputy Chair

Ms Galina Kozoolin, Policy Officer, Aged Care

pdf Australian Industry Group 74.68 Kb

Mr Tim Piper, Director, Victoria

Ms Lee-Anne Fisher, Manager, Policy and Projects, Education and Training

pdf Recruitment and Consulting Services Association 68.65 Kb

Mr Steve Granland, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Charles Cameron, Policy Advisor

Mr Simon Schweigert, Secretariat

Mr John Cooper, National Indigenous and Diversity Manager

pdf Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 55.79 Kb

Mr Lane Masterton, Regional Director, Victoria

pdf Federation of Community Legal Centres Victoria 55.38 Kb

Ms Carol Stuart, Solicitor, Springvale Monash Legal Service

Ms Fiona Warner, Solicitor, JobWatch

pdf State Trustees 48.99 Kb

Mr Tony Fitzgerald, Managing Director

Ms Angela Burton, Manager, Personal Financial Solutions

21 October 2011, Melbourne

pdf Consumer Affairs Victoria 58.44 Kb

Dr Claire Noone, Director

pdf Housing for the Aged Action Group 69.19 Kb

Ms Wyn Stenton, Chairperson

Mr Jeff Fiedler, Tenancy Advice and Policy Worker

Ms Ena Ahern, Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged Program

pdf Women's Health Victoria 50.01 Kb

Ms Rita Butera, Executive Director

Ms Rose Durey, Manager

pdf National Council of Women of Victoria 62.26 Kb

Ms Allie Dawe, Advisor on Ageing

Ms Elizabeth Newman, Vice President and former coordinator of Standing Committees

Major Jennifer Cloke, Coordinator of Standing Committees, Territorial Seniors' Ministries consultant, Salvation Army

pdf Alzheimer's Australia Victoria 63.37 Kb

Ms Dianne Biermann, Policy Officer

Dr David Sykes, General Manager, Education Services

pdf Victorian Trades Hall Council 48.69 Kb

Mr David Cragg, Assistant Secretary

Mr Luke Hilakari, Industrial and Campaigns Officer

Mr Perce White, Member, Veterans Committee

Mr Roger Wilson, Member, Veterans Committee

Mr Ian Thomas, Member, Veterans Committee

pdf Aged and Community Care Victoria (ACCV) 53.00 Kb

Mr Gerard Mansour, Chief Executive Officer

Mr James Henshaw, Policy Research Officer

pdf Uniting Aged Care 51.10 Kb

Ms Sandra Bygrave, Service Development Manager

24 October 2011, Melbourne

pdf Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) 57.30 Kb

Dr Andrew Hollows, Deputy Executive Director 

pdf Diabetes Australia, Victoria 54.58 Kb

Professor Greg Johnson, Chief Executive Officer

pdf Victorian Healthcare Association 55.36 Kb

Mr Trevor Carr, Chief Executive Officer

4 November 2011, Geelong

pdf City of Greater Geelong 58.00 Kb

Ms Karen Pritchard, Manager, Aged and Disability

Ms Kathryn McBride, Coordinator, Care Services

pdf Diversitat 63.14 Kb

Mr Michael Martinez, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Lynne Shanahan, Aged Support Manager

pdf Country Women's Association of Victoria 63.46 Kb

Ms Dorothy Coombe, Deputy State President

Mrs Lynette Wilson, Geelong President

pdf Geelong Royal District Nursing Service 53.29 Kb

Ms Rosemary Hogan, Executive General Manager

Ms Sue Minters, Care Manager

18 November 2011, Bendigo

pdf City of Greater Bendigo 64.17 Kb

Ms Pauline Gordon, Director, Community Wellbeing

Ms Deb Simpson, Acting Manager, Community and Cultural Development

Mr Rod Flavell, Manager, Aged and Disability Services

pdf The Association for International Sport for All 55.15 Kb

Mr Brian Dixon, Founder

pdf Royal District Nursing Service 59.28 Kb

Ms Rosemary Hogan, Executive General Manager

Ms Robynn Daley, Manager, Regional Services

Ms Prue Todd-Reid, District Nurse

pdf Men in Sheds, City of Greater Bendigo 67.05 Kb

Ms Anne-Marie Roberts, Team Leader, Planned Activity Group

Ms Alana Cooper, Community Care Coordinator

Mr David Reid, Supervising Coordinator

5 December 2011, Melbourne

pdf Department of Health 77.16 Kb

Ms Jane Herington, Director

Ms Barbara Mountjouris, Manager, Senior Victorians

Ms Georgia Nicholas, Manager, Policy and Programs, Aged Care


 Submissions to this Inquiry are now closed.

Individuals and organisations that made written submissions for this Inquiry are listed below.

  1. pdf Mrs Suzanne Fallon 25.44 Kb
  2. pdf Mr Geoff Williams 9.82 Kb
  3. pdf Ms Michele Layet 50.45 Kb
  4. pdf Ms Linda Lee 285.73 Kb
  5. pdf Mr Ken McAvoy 24.21 Kb
  6. pdf Mr Bob Burns 71.70 Kb
  7. pdf Mr Roger and Mrs Shirley Brideson 87.67 Kb
  8. pdf Professor Allan Borowski, School of Social Work and Social Policy, La Trobe University 12.18 Kb
  9. pdf Association of Independent Retirees (AIR), Southern Cross Division 79.13 Kb
  10. pdf Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) 52.10 Kb
  11. pdf Ms Joan Sweet 10.17 Kb
  12. pdf H.L. Stacey 35.66 Kb
  13. pdf Mr Robert Williams 13.52 Kb
  14. pdf Flemington Chinese Golden Age 24.33 Kb
  15. pdf Mr Theo and Mrs Clare Wiggill 80.81 Kb   
  16. pdf Mr Oliver Raymond 13.61 Kb
  17. pdf Dr Gitta Trexler 8.45 Kb
  18. pdf Women's Health Victoria 236.76 Kb
  19. pdf Mr Graham Stoodley 14.32 Kb
  20. pdf Benetas 211.18 Kb
  21. pdf Financial Care Services 90.89 Kb
  22. pdf Mr John Lord 34.40 Kb
  23. pdf Professor Jeni Warburton, John Richards Initiative, Research into Aged Care in Rural Communities, Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University 120.65 Kb
  24. pdf Ms Lizzie Crosby 127.39 Kb
  25. pdf Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV) 253.28 Kb
  26. pdf Mrs Susan Rubenstein 15.72 Kb
  27. pdf Alzheimer's Australia Victoria 215.06 Kb
  28. pdf State Trustees 1.53 Mb
  29. pdf Mr Tom Potter 38.49 Kb
  30. pdf National Council of Women of Victoria 400.35 Kb
  31. pdf Ms Dorothy Trezise 55.74 Kb
  32. pdf LD and PJ Le Fevre 42.18 Kb
  33. pdf Ms Frances Lammus 80.09 Kb
  34. pdf National Seniors Australia, Knox Branch 34.47 Kb
  35. pdf Mrs Maree Jeffs 12.63 Kb
  36. pdf Yarra Ranges Council 123.72 Kb
  37. pdf Cardinia Shire Council 1.52 Mb
  38. pdf Peninsula Advisory Committee for Elders (PACE) 226.36 Kb
  39. pdf Council to Homeless Persons 691.08 Kb
  40. pdf Life Activities Clubs Victoria 50.00 Kb
  41. pdf Banyule City Council 46.30 Kb
  42. pdf OM:NI 32.01 Kb
  43. pdf Union of Australian Women (UAW), Darebin Group 221.20 Kb
  44. pdf Hobsons Bay City Council 63.85 Kb
  45. pdf Mrs Patricia Taylor 77.04 Kb
  46. pdf Older Persons Consultative Committee, City of Port Phillip 23.27 Kb
  47. pdf Physical Disability Council of Victoria 57.94 Kb
  48. pdf Ms Helen Jurcevic 53.79 Kb
  49. pdf beyondblue 105.69 Kb
  50. pdf Volunteering Victoria 41.39 Kb
  51. pdf The Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) 168.87 Kb
  52. pdf Ms Hathalie Maree Phillips 14.35 Kb
  53. pdf Mr Lindsay Doig 292.78 Kb
  54. pdf National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) 182.17 Kb
  55. pdf Trustee Corporations Association of Australia 61.93 Kb
  56. pdf Greatconnections 335.73 Kb
  57. pdf Mrs Carole Adins 52.65 Kb
  58. pdf Mr Fred Jayne 136.90 Kb
  59. pdf Ms Marjorie Brewer 80.92 Kb
  60. pdf Ms Joan Leslee 120.53 Kb
  61. pdf Association of Independent Retirees (AIR), Victorian Division 161.86 Kb
  62. pdf Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission 301.14 Kb
  63. pdf Golden Plains Shire and Women's Health Grampians 243.98 Kb
  64. pdf City of Boroondara 980.63 Kb
  65. pdf Australian Greek Welfare Society 492.41 Kb
  66. pdf Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre 103.72 Kb
  67. pdf Ms Patricia Williams 17.21 Kb
  68. pdf Ms Anne Scott 106.43 Kb
  69. pdf Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG) 388.01 Kb
  70. pdf National Seniors Australia 172.84 Kb
  71. pdf Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) 145.55 Kb
  72. pdf Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) 343.59 Kb
  73. pdf Mr Ross Smith 53.72 Kb
  74. pdf Council on the Ageing, Victoria (COTA) 495.22 Kb
  75. pdf Retirement Village Association 583.18 Kb
  76. pdf Positive Ageing Advisory and Volunteers Committee, City of Kingston 24.38 Kb
  77. pdf Ms Margaret Cooper 360.27 Kb
  78. pdf City of Melbourne 1.70 Mb
  79. pdf Associate Professor Elizabeth Brooke, Business Work and Ageing Centre for Research, Swinburne University of Technology 783.17 Kb
  80. pdf Aged and Community Care Victoria (ACCV) 346.79 Kb
  81. pdf Wesley Mission Victoria 333.43 Kb
  82. pdf Seniors Rights Victoria 155.07 Kb
  83. pdf Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) 201.71 Kb
  84. pdf Consumer Action Law Centre 101.59 Kb
  85. pdf Federation of Community Legal Centres, Victoria 228.14 Kb
  86. pdf VincentCare Victoria 478.47 Kb
  87. pdf Recruitment and Consulting Services Association 263.19 Kb
  88. pdf Uniting Aged Care 309.01 Kb
  89. pdf National Disability Services Victoria 205.68 Kb
  90. pdf The Country Women's Association of Victoria 253.18 Kb
  91. pdf Victorian Multicultural Commission 1.13 Mb
  92. pdf Visionary Design Development 1.94 Mb
  93. pdf Marriott Support Services 66.86 Kb

Content and News

The Committee tabled its Final Report in Parliament for the Inquiry into Opportunities for Participation of Victorian Seniors on Tuesday 14 August 2012.

Chair of the Committee Ms Georgie Crozier MP, issued the following Media Release regarding the report.

The Government Response to the Inquiry into Opportunities for Participation of Victorian Seniors was tabled on 19 February 2013.

Terms of Reference

Received from the Legislative Assembly on 10 February 2011

That under s 33 the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003, the Family and Community Development Committee is required to inquire into, consider and report no later than 30 June 2012 on opportunities for participation of Victorian seniors, and the Committee is asked to:

(a) review national and international literature on preparing for an ageing society;

(b) consult with older Victorians and representative bodies and with Victorians planning for ageing well;

(c) examine the contribution of, and challenges facing, older members of the Victorian community from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds;

(d) identify the role of government in supporting older Victorians and the intersection of federal, state and local government service provision and their responsibility to seniors;

(e) consider the economic significance of older Victorians in the paid workforce and the voluntary sector and barriers to participation for those Victorian seniors who desire to work in or contribute to the community, and how willing economic and social contributions can be fostered;

(f) consider ageing well in terms of quality of life and community participation, including the specific and different issues faced by men and women, older Victorians from different age cohorts, and those living in rural and regional areas;

(g) examine the role and interrelationship of active, successful, positive and productive ageing approaches in promoting better health;

(h) develop recommendations or strategies for whole of government and community responses to the needs of older Victorians now, and into the future, and incorporate in the recommendations the best international practice in support of ageing well

On 16 June 2011 the Legislative Assembly amended the reporting date from 10 February 2012 to 30 June 2012

pdf Download Terms of Reference here 29.56 Kb