Inquiry into Options and Mechanisms to Increase Organ Donation in Victoria


The Committee tabled it's report into Organ Donation in Victoria on 29 March 2012. An electronic copy of the Report can be downloaded by clicking on the cover below.


Public Hearings


Forthcoming Hearing

The hearing with Mr Andrew Way, CEO Alfred Health, scheduled for 22 May 2012 has been cancelled. Please see press release for further information.

pdf PRESS RELEASE 4 May.pdf 14.08 Kb

Completed Hearings / Transcripts of Evidence

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Organ and Tissue Authority   [pdf Corrected Transcript 43.46 Kb, pdf Answers to Questions on Notice 6.98 Kb ] pdf Presentation.pdf 1.18 Mb

Australian Medical Association - Victoria  [pdf Corrected Transcript 27.82 Kb, pdf Answers to Questions on Notice 123.36 Kb

Transplant Australia  [pdf Corrected Transcript 53.11 Kb ] pdf Presentation.pdf 592.55 Kb

Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation  [pdf Corrected Transcript 57.70 Kb]

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Victorian Medical Director of Organ and Tissue Donation  [pdf Corrected Transcript 85.77 Kb ] pdf Presentation.pdf 2.23 Mb

Assoc. Prof. Nicholas Tonti-Filippini   [pdf Corrected Transcript 51.95 Kb ]

National Health and Medical Research Council  [pdf Corrected Transcript 51.77 Kb ]

Centre for Eye Research Australia   [pdf Corrected Transcript 58.64 Kb ] pdf Presentation.pdf 1.30 Mb

Austin Hospital   [pdf Corrected Transcript 61.55 Kb ]

Alfred Hospital   [pdf Corrected Transcript 71.32 Kb] pdf Presentation.pdf 359.27 Kb

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine / Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria    [pdf Corrected Transcript 67.90 Kb, pdf Answers to Questions on Notice 195.31 Kb ] pdf Presentation.pdf 1.04 Mb

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons   [pdf Corrected Transcript 48.89 Kb, pdf Answers to Questions on Notice 132.48 Kb ]

Rabbinical Council of Victoria    [pdf Corrected Transcript 86.75 Kb ]

Ad Hoc Interfaith Committee   [pdf Corrected Transcript 37.22 Kb ]

Kidney Health Australia   [pdf Corrected Transcript 47.39 Kb ] pdf Presentation.pdf 16.68 Kb

Progressive Judaism Victoria   [pdf Corrected Transcript 32.39 Kb ]

Catholic Archdiocese   [pdf Corrected Transcript 33.89 Kb ]

Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand   [pdf Corrected Transcript 36.71 Kb ]


Friday, 2 December 2011

Alfred Health   [pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 65.45 Kb]

Coroners Court of Victoria   [pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 54.39 Kb]  


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hon. David Davis, Minister for Health   pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 48.64 Kb  pdf Ministers Letter.pdf 50.54 Kb  

Written Submissions

Submissions close on Friday 20 May 2011. For rurther information and any request to make late submission, contact the Committee's Secretary, Mr Richard Willis, on (03) 9651 8696.

No.      Author
pdf Dermot Daley.pdf 486.19 Kb
2 pdf S & V Marcus.pdf 521.87 Kb
3 pdf D & K Hayne.pdf 1.36 Mb
4 pdf Lutheran Church of Australia.pdf 565.53 Kb
5 pdf Tasmanian Government.pdf 540.57 Kb
6 pdf Humanist Society of Victoria.pdf 1.82 Mb
7 pdf Peter Morey.pdf 46.23 Kb
8 pdf Leanne Campbell.pdf 3.19 Mb
9 pdf Catholic Church.pdf 6.69 Mb
10 pdf Centre for Eye Research Australia.pdf 154.24 Kb
11 pdf Alfred Health.pdf 615.74 Kb
12 pdf Eleanor Morey.pdf 208.26 Kb
13 pdf Dr Helen MacDonald.pdf 119.77 Kb
14 pdf Transplant Australia.pdf 164.33 Kb
15 pdf C Britton & A Rea.pdf 36.74 Kb
16 pdf Assoc Prof Ian Fraser.pdf 51.99 Kb
17 pdf Organ and Tissue Authority.pdf 342.13 Kb
18 pdf Ad Hoc Interfaith Committee.pdf 222.54 Kb
19 pdf Victorian Medical Director of Organ and Tissue Donation.pdf 225.02 Kb
20 pdf National Health and Medical Research Council.pdf 63.17 Kb
21 pdf Hon C King, MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing.pdf 549.26 Kb
22 pdf NSW Department of Health.pdf 111.50 Kb
23 pdf Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.pdf 76.67 Kb
24 pdf Northern Territory Department of Health.pdf 137.70 Kb
25 pdf Assoc Prof Nicholas Tonti-Filippini.pdf 1.12 Mb
26 pdf Victorian Department of Health.pdf 343.10 Kb
27 pdf Rabbinical Council of Victoria.pdf 343.26 Kb
28 pdf Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand.pdf 96.71 Kb
29 pdf Kevin Stubbs.pdf 87.04 Kb
30 pdf Australian Medical Association - Victoria.pdf 207.78 Kb
31 pdf Kidney Health Australia.pdf 617.49 Kb
32 pdf Australia Red Cross Blood Service.pdf 99.97 Kb
33 pdf Patricia Farnell.pdf 19.21 Kb
34 pdf Jewish Community Council of Victoria_Inc.pdf 41.22 Kb
35 pdf Royal Australasian College of Physicians.pdf 124.30 Kb
36 pdf Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria.pdf 1.75 Mb


Terms of Reference

On 10 February 2011, the Legislative Council agreed to the following resolution* :

That this House requires the Legal and Social Issues References Committee to inquire, consider and report on options and mechanisms to increase organ donation in Victoria including:

(1)     the operation of existing legislative, procedural and governance frameworks and policies, including in other jurisdictions;

(2)     assessment of available national and international evidence on the effectiveness and efficacy of policies to increase donation
          rates, including the operation of various disclosure and consent arrangements such as presumed consent;

(3)     identification and assessment of various possible mechanisms to increase organ donation in Victoria;

(4)     an appropriate ethical framework for decision-making, procedures and safeguards regarding organ donation, including the
          rights of prospective donors and family members; and

(5)    any other matters that should be considered in relation to mechanisms to increase organ donation in Victoria;

and that the Committee present its final report to Parliament no later than 12 months after this reference is given to the Committee.

 pdf Download PDF version of the Terms of Reference.pdf 66.03 Kb


 On 9 February 2012, the Legislative Council agreed to extend the Committee's final reporting date to 30 March 2012.


* Further details on the establishment of this Inquiry are provided in the following Hansard extract.

 pdf Establishing Debate.pdf 242.06 Kb