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Inquiry into Extremism In Victoria

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Terms of Reference

Self-referenced by the Committee on 7 February 2022:

That the Legal and Social Issues Committee inquire into, consider and report, by 31 May 2022, on the following —

  1. the rise of the far-right extremist movements in Victoria in the context of —
    1.  social isolation and growing economic insecurity; 
    2. racist scapegoating;
    3. the role of mainstream and social media; 
    4. the distrust of governments and politicians;
  2. their methods of recruitment and communication;
  3. how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the growth of far-right extremism in the Victorian context;
  4. the risks their plans and actions pose to Victoria and especially to Victoria’s multicultural communities;
  5. the violent potential of these movements, including the potential for targeted violence against politicians and public figures;
  6. the links between far-right extremist groups, other forms of extremism, and populist radical right and anti-vaccine misinformation groups;
  7. what steps need to be taken in Victoria to counter these far-right extremist groups and their influence, including, but not limited to consideration of —
    1. the role of early intervention measures to diminish the recruitment and mobilisation prospects of far-right extremist groups;
    2. the role of social cohesion, greater civil engagement and empowerment, and community building programs;
    3. the submissions made to and, when tabled, the report by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security’s Inquiry into extremist movements and radicalism in Australia; and
  8. any other related matters.

pdfTerms of Reference136.51 KB

*The reporting date for this inquiry has been changed to 4 August 2022.


Submissions for this inquiry have closed. For further information please contact the Committee Secretariat.

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee.

  1. pdfName Withheld564.17 KB
  2. pdfJohn McInnes564.34 KB
  3. pdfName Withheld564.17 KB
  4. pdfDominic Cooney566.22 KB
  5. pdfBenjamin Cronshaw695.71 KB
  6. Number not used.
  7. Number not used.
  8. pdfSandra Donald564.29 KB
  9. pdfProfessor Kristina Murphy1.26 MB
  10. Number not used.
  11. pdfCentre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies1.16 MB
  12. pdfLiberty Victoria 699.52 KB
  13. pdfAgius Barnet Nicholas Woolley Cook869.96 KB
    pdfAgius Barnet Nicholas Woolley Cook - attachment 11.63 MB
  14. pdfResearch Group on International Law and the Challenge of Populism896.83 KB
  15. pdfOnline Hate Prevention Institute 1.30 MB
    pdfOnline Hate Prevention Institute_supplementary920.86 KB
  16. pdfBOIV ASSP joint submission2.63 MB
  17. pdfAVERT Research Network807.10 KB
    pdfAVERT Research Network_attachment 1911.38 KB
    pdfAVERT Research Network_attachment 22.72 MB
    pdfAVERT Research Network_attachment 3868.98 KB
    pdfAVERT Research Network_attachment 41.86 MB
    pdfAVERT Research Network_attachment 51.17 MB
  18. pdfJewish Community Council of Victoria857.29 KB
  19. pdfAustralia Israel Jewish Affairs Council992.97 KB
  20. pdfVictorian Government1.41 MB
  21. Confidential.
  22. pdfCharles Sturt University - Threats to Australian Domestic Security1.47 MB
  23. pdfMigration Council Australia1.05 MB

Hearings and Transcripts

Wednesday, 8 June 2022
via Zoom
Time Witness Transcript


Addressing Violent Extremism and Radicalisation to Terrorism (AVERT) Research Network

pdfTranscript1.08 MB


Centre for Inclusive and Resilient Societies (CRIS)

pdfTranscript1.72 MB


Tuesday, 14 June 2022
via Zoom
Time Witness Transcript
11.15am Liberty Victoria
Michael Stanton, President
pdfTranscript148.62 KB
12.00pm Nick McKenzie,
Journalist, The Age
pdfTranscript229.17 KB
1.15pm Online Hate Prevention Institute
Dr Andre Oboler, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Dr Nasya Bahfen, Director

Jewish Community Council of Victoria 
Naomi Levin, Chief Operating Officer
Daniel Aghion, President

Executive Council of Australia Jewry
Julie Nathan, Research Director

pdfTranscript257.08 KB

pdfPresentation869.84 KB

3.15pm Threats to Australian Domestic Security, Charles Sturt University

Dr Kristy Campion
Dr Levi West
Dr Ruth Delaforce
Dr Emma Colvin
Mr Douglas Allan
Professor Mark Nolan

pdfTranscript154.74 KB

pdfPresentation3.01 MB


Wednesday, 15 June 2022
via Zoom
 Time Witness Transcript
 9.30am Margot Spalding

pdfTranscript166.19 KB

pdfResponses to questions703.42 KB

 10.15am Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council

Dr Colin Rubenstein, Executive Director
Jeremy Jones, Director of International and Community Affairs

pdfTranscript163.19 KB
 11.15am Associate Professor Christine Agius and Dr Belinda Barnet
Swinburne University
pdfTranscript230.09 KB

Research group on international law and populism
Dr Richard Joyce, Faculty of Law, Monash University
Professor Sundhya Pahuja, Melbourne Law School
Professor James Martel, Department of Political Science, San Francisco State University
Ms Elisabeth Lopez, Faculty of Law, Monash University

pdfTranscript233.88 KB
 1:30pm Victoria Police
Assistant Commissioner Michael Hermans
pdfTranscript673.55 KB

Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network Australia (MYAN)
Rana Ebrahimi, National Manager

Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)
Soo-Lin Quek, Executive Manager Knowledge, Advocacy & Service Innovation, Knowledge & Advocacy

pdfTranscript246.97 KB