Inquiry into children affected by parental incarceration

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Inquiry into children affected by parental incarceration

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The call for submissions for this inquiry has formally closed. The Committee will continue to accept submissions that are based on lived experience and will consider other contributions on a case by case basis. Please contact the committee secretariat..
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In general, all submissions are public documents. This means they may be published online and in committee's reports. All submissions will have contact details removed. This includes your address, phone number, email and signature. If you do not want your submission published, you may request the committee treat it as confidential. To do this, choose the option “I request the committee review my submission for confidential protection” in Step 3.


All submissions accepted by the committee are protected by parliamentary privilege. This means no legal action can be taken against you, and you can't be subject to discrimination, in relation to the evidence in your submission. The Committee may decide to publish your submission under 'name witheld' to ensure protection, but the contents of your submission will still be available. If you publish your submission in another way, for example on your website, that publication will not be protected by parliamentary privilege.

For more information, please see Parliamentary Privilege video here.

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Government Response

The Government is required to respond within six months of the report being tabled. Once the response is received, it will be available for download here.


The reporting date for this inquiry is 1 July 2022. Once the report is tabled in Parliament, an electronic copy will be available for download here.