Inquiry into the Education and Prevention Functions of Victoria’s Integrity Agencies

Government Response

The Government is required to respond within six months of the report being tabled. Once the response is received, it will be available for download here.


The Committee called for written submissions into its Inquiry into the Education and Prevention Functions of Victoria’s Integrity Agencies. The advertised closing date for submissions was 31 August 2020.

Submissions for this Inquiry are now closed. However, the Committee can review late submissions in certain circumstances. Please contact the Committee Manager on email for more information

The submissions are to address the terms of reference.

Please note that submissions will be published on this page as they are processed by the Committee.  All submissions are public documents unless confidentiality was requested and granted.

Your name will be published with your submission and your contact details removed.

Further information regarding the Inquiry can be obtained from the Committee Secretariat at 

1. pdfKenneth McLeod177.43 KB

2. Number not in use

3. pdfNSW Office of Local Government1.15 MB

4. pdfHeritage Brumby Advocates Australia inc3.85 MB

5. pdfAustralian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity4.92 MB

6. pdfDr Bruce Baer Arnold and Dr Wendy Bonython 319.1 KB

7. pdfAustralian and New Zealand Ombudsman Association245.15 KB

8. pdfAccountability Round Table281.22 KB

9. pdfCrime and Corruption Commission Queensland357.18 KB

10. pdfTamar Hopkins315.10 KB

11. pdfInformation and Privacy Commission New South Wales5.18 MB 

12. pdfHerschel Baker5.63 MB

13. pdfCommonwealth Ombudsman962.41 KB

14. pdfProfessor Fiona Haines306.55 KB

15. pdfVictorian Managed Insurance Authority118.97 KB

16. pdfAmbulance Victoria467.92 KB

17. pdfOffice of the Victorian Information Commissioner632.10 KB

18. pdfOffice of the Public Advocate1.56 MB

19. pdfPublic Sector Commission Western Australia4.89 MB

20.  pdfACT Integrity Commission858.22 KB

21. pdfDr Colleen Lewis234.80 KB

22. pdfVictorian Inspectorate4.45 MB

23. pdfVictorian Ombudsman322.80 KB

24. pdfOffice of the Information Commissioner Queensland452.94 KB

25. pdfIndependent Commissioner Against Corruption South Australia7.20 MB

26. pdfWorkSafe Victoria1.94 MB

27. pdfVictorian Pride Lobby189.31 KB

28. pdfInstitute of Public Administration Australia Victoria2.64 MB

29. pdfAssociate Professor Eva Tsahuridu291.40 KB

30. pdfAustralia and New Zealand School of Government244.03 KB

31. pdfCommunity and Public Sector Union208.72 KB

32. pdfProfessor Tim Prenzler1.76 MB

33. pdfRobinson Gill Lawyers617.36 KB

34. pdfLaw Enforcement Conduct Commission New South Wales 449.94 KB

35. pdfLocal Government Inspectorate364.29 KB

36. pdfOffice of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment South Australia338.25 KB

37. pdfDr Catherine Ordway102.77 KB

38. pdfLaw Institute of Victoria423.61 KB

39. pdfQueensland Ombudsman5.31 MB

40. pdfVictoria Legal Aid334.15 KB

41. pdfOffice of the Racing Integrity Commissioner335.34 KB

42. pdfDr Suelette Dreyfus and Dr Chris Culnane211.89 KB

43. pdfVictorian Local Governance Association361.93 KB

44. pdfDr Alistair Ping390.27 KB

45. pdfTransnational Research Institute on Corruption Australian National University237.12 KB

46. pdfCentre for Crime Policy and Research Flinders University361.28 KB

47.pdfPeter Fitzgerald145.43 KB

48. pdfIndependent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission480.54 KB

49. pdfAustralian Education Union Victorian Branch242.69 KB

50. pdfAustralian Institute of Professional Investigators720.96 KB

51. pdfProfessor Janet Ransley373.26 KB

52. pdfProfessor Adam Graycar364.38 KB

53. pdfVictorian Public Sector Commission551.28 KB

54. Confidential.