Hansard volumes now available

Parliament of Victoria is pleased to announce that a full set of the reports of parliamentary debates (Hansard) from 1856 to date is now available electronically. The reports are accessible on the Parliament of Victoria web site, with full text searching capability.

Parliament of Victoria began reporting parliamentary debates in 1866 at the beginning of the first session of the Fifth Parliament. Bound printed copies of the reports have been archived by Parliament since that time, as have reports of the first decade of debates, which were published by the Argus newspaper.

Hansard has been available in electronic form since 1999. Reports for the period 1856 to 1999 are now also available for download.

To search Victorian Hansard, visit the Hansard page


Professional Development


Parliament in Practice

A professional development seminar in the Parliamentary Chambers for public servants who have a direct interest in the Victorian Parliament.

WHEN: Tuesday 10 October 2017 9.00 am – 4.30 pm
WHERE: Parliament House, East Melbourne
COST: $250

The seminar content is designed for those who assist in preparing legislation, responding to parliamentary questions, preparing information for parliamentary committee inquiries or who have a desire to increase their knowledge of parliamentary government for professional advancement within the public service.

The seminar will be presented in the two Chambers, providing practical information on how the Parliament performs its legislative, representative and scrutiny functions and implications of these functions for government departments.

Presenters will include senior parliamentary officers, the Office of Chief Parliamentary Counsel and a panel of Members of Parliament. Places are limited to 50 participants, register now to avoid disappointment.

Download the registration form

For further information
contact Voula Andritsos on 8682 2619
or email:



Art tours

The Parliament of Victoria has an extensive art collection, collated over time from when Parliament House first opened in 1856. The highlights of this unique collection include portraits of former premiers of Victoria, the first woman elected to Parliament at a general election, Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and a gallery of Indigenous art.

The Parliament House Art Tour caters for members of the public with an interest in art and the history of Victoria. Your visit will last about 90 minutes and includes a short presentation and a complementary booklet which catalogues the collection. 

Art Tours will run on the following dates in 2019 starting at 2pm

Tuesday 29 January

Monday 11 February

Tuesday 12 March

Monday 8 April

Monday 13 May

Tuesday 11 June

Monday 8 July

Monday 5 August

Monday 2 September

Monday 7 October

Monday 4 November

Monday 2 December 

Bookings are Essential

To check for available tour dates see the Booking Availability.

Places are strictly limited so if you would like to attend you must book in advance. Schools or tertiary classes that would like to attend may be accommodated at other times to fit their schedules.

To book, call the Tours Office on (03) 9651 8568 or e-mail

The art tour is free of charge.

Photography is permitted on all tours.



Virtual Tours

Tours logo

Take an online stroll through Victoria’s iconic Parliament House, one of Australia's oldest and most architecturally distinguished public buildings. In this series of interactive, 360° tours, use your desktop PC, smartphone or VR headset to explore some of the grand 19th Century spaces that evoke the spirit of our State’s goldrush era.

Tour navigationClick on one of the links below to enter a room. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move about the space or click and drag with your mouse.

Tour gogglesFor instructions on use with your VR headset and smartphone, click on the headset icon in the bottom-right corner when you enter a room.


360 Tours QH

Queen’s Hall and Vestibule

Queen’s Hall and the Vestibule provide a formal entry and meeting place between the two houses of parliament. They feature intricate mosaics, towering columns and some of parliament’s most significant artworks.


Tour QH
360 Tours LA

Legislative Assembly

The decorative features of the Legislative Assembly model the traditions of the Westminster system of parliament. Its configuration has evolved to meet the needs of a growing state, and today it is the meeting place for Victoria’s 88 MPs.


Tour LA
360 Tours LC

Legislative Council

The chamber of the Legislative Council is home to both historical pieces of furniture and many unique architectural features, reflecting the customs of the UK parliament's House of Lords. Victoria’s 40 MLCs meet in this chamber.


Tour LC
360 Tours Lib


The Library is a highlight for visitors to Parliament House, notable for its grand crystal chandelier, central dome, curving staircases and vast collection of books and rare objects.


Tour Lib
Members dining room

Strangers Corridor & Members Dining Room

Sophisticated and elegant, with dark timbers and accents of gold that convey 1920s sophistication. The dining rooms at Parliament House were gifted by the Federal Parliament, which met on Spring Street for 27 years before moving to Canberra.


Virtual Tours - Members Dining Room
Virtual Tour - Federation Room

Federation Room

The Federation Room originally formed part of the Parliamentary Library. Today it is host to a range of meetings and functions.


Virtual Tour - Federation Room
Virtual Tours - Knight Kerr Room

Knight Kerr Room

Named in honour of Parliament House architects, John Knight and Peter Kerr, the Knight Kerr Room regularly hosts meetings and parliamentary committee hearings.


Tour - Knight Kerr Room
Virtual Tour - LCCR

Legislative Council Committee Room (LCCR)

This is Parliament's largest meeting room, used frequently for parliamentary committee hearings and occasional functions and events.


Tour - LCCR
Virtual Tour - Committee Room

Committee Room

The work of the Victorian Parliament is also carried out at 55 St Andrews Place, behind Parliament House. This 3D tour shows the typical setup for a committee hearing, with markers included to describe the people who take part in this process.


Tour - Committee Room
VR stone restoration

Parliament House restoration – Roof

A bird’s eye view of restoration works at the top of Parliament House.


Stone restoration

Parliament House restoration – Sculptures

A close-up look at the restoration of sculptures on the façade of Parliament House.


Stone restoration

Parliament House restoration – Façade

Some of the finer stone details being restored on the façade of Parliament House.


Stone restoration

Parliament House restoration – Ground level

Explore the area where stonemasons are working on the restoration of Parliament House.