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Gerald Barry Ashman

Gerald Barry Ashman

27 November 1941 (Victoria)
June, 1s. 1d.
Assistant Director, State Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Vic.); and Executive Director, Small Business Association of Vic. 1983-88; Secretary, Victorian Congress of Employer Associations 1983-85. Self-employed Business Consultant 1980-83. Prior to 1978 held a number of senior appointments in motor vehicle industry. Conference Director of 10th Confederation of Asian Chamber of Commerce (CACCI) and 2nd Asian Bankers' Council Conference, Melbourne, 1985. Sec. General, Aust. delegation to 11th CACCI Conference, NZ, 1987. Organised first Small Business Trade Fair and Forum for new business intendees and operators 1984. Director, KnowBiz project 1985-88. Director RMIT Innovation Ltd 1996-97. Director Technisearch Limited 1997-99. Deputy Chairman, RMIT Innovation P/L since 1998. Secretary and Public Officer, Rotary Club of Melbourne, since 2005. Member: Victorian Coalition delegation to the Baltic States, Russia and South Africa 1992 and 1996; Australian Society of Association Executives; Royal Vic. Association of Honorary Justices; Rotary Club of Melbourne; RACV; MG Car Club; Amnesty International; Australian Institute of Company Directors.;
Liberal Party
Party Note
Chairperson, Aston Federal Electorate Committee 1984, 1988. Convenor, Small Business and Public Works Policy Committee 1986, 1988. Member: Industrial Relations Policy Committee 1986, 1988; Economic Development Policy Committee 1986, 1988. Policy Assembly 1982-88 and 2000. Member: Administrative Committee 2005, 2006
1st Oct 1988
29th Mar 1996
Seat abolished
30th Mar 1996
29th Nov 2002

*The Start date for Members elected after 1900 is the date they were elected. The start date for pre-1900 Members is the date they were sworn in.

Inaugural Speech
26 October 1988, Liberal, Council, Boronia
Other seats contested
Knox, 1979.
Parliamentary representative on RMIT University Council 1992-97. Parliamentary representative on Board of Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, VicHealth, 1996-2002. Public Bodies Review Committee 1988-92
Legislative Council Standing Orders Committee 1992-2002. Chairman, Economic Development Committee 1992-96. Federal-State Relations Committee 1996-99. House Committee 1999-2002.
Victorian Parliamentary Handbook. Who's Who 2002.
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Victorian Parliamentary Handbook, 54th Parliament
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