Coghill, Kenneth Alastair

Born 10 November 1944 (Mansfield, Victoria)
Parents: Colin, farm manager, and Mary Evans, schoolteacher
Marriage: 4 Sept 1969 Judith Anne Wakeman, schoolteacher; 1s. 1d.
Occupation: Veterinary officer
Education: Whittlesea State School, Mansfield Higher Elementary School, Caulfield Grammar School, Melbourne University, BVSc 1967. Monash University, PdD 1999.

Career: District veterinary officer Department of Agric., Wodonga, 1968-1977; member Albury-Wodonga Interim Consultative committee 1973-1976, Albury-Wodonga Consultative Council 1974-1977; president Veterinary Officers' Group Victorian Public Service Association 1976-1979; in charge of Animal Health Publications and extension Department of Agric., Melbourne 1977-1979; member Community Radio Fed.-3CR, Society for Growing Aust. Plants, Werribee Community Health Centre, Powderkeg Players 1979-88. Senior Research Fellow & Assoc. Director, Mt Eliza Business School, Monash University 1996-2000. Director, Governance & Government Unit, Monash University since 2001. Co-director, Parliamentary Studies Unit, Monash University since 2001. Convenor, Victorian Chapter Constitutional Centenary Foundation 1991-2000. Convenor, Victorian Chapter Australasian Study of Parliament Group since 1990. Adjunct Professor, Deakin University since 2000. Committee Member, Alliance for Reform and Democracy in Asia since 2000. President (1999-2000), Secretary (2001), Member since 1992, Lions Club City of Melbourne (Host) Inc. Honorary Research Co-ordinator, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association since 2000. Wodonga city councillor 1972-1977

Party: Australian Labor Party
Party Note: State admin committee 1975-1977, secretary to cabinet 1982-88. Caucus Secretary 1993-98.

House Electorate Start *   End *  
MLAWerribee5 May 1979 29 March 1996Retired

Other seats contested: Benambra 1976

Inaugural speech

Appointments: Speaker 1988-92. Parliamentary Secretary of the Cabinet 1982-1988. Printing committee 1979-1982.
Publications: "The New Lights Australian Fantasy", Melbourne, McPhee Gribble Penguin 1987. "Greenhouse, what's to be done?" Sydney, Pluto 1990. "Globalisation and Local Democracy" Melbourne, Montech 1997.

References: Who's Who in Australia 1980-1983; Victorian Parliamentary Handbook; Western Suburbs Advertiser 10 May, 23 May 1979; personal information
Initial data source: Browne, G, 'Biographical Register of the Victorian Parliament 1900-84', 1985
Last update: 1985 (last date the record was checked and updated)

*The Start date for Members elected after 1900 is the date they were elected. The start date for pre-1900 Members is the date they were sworn in.