Sargeant, Charles

Born 1835-1836 (Berkshire)
Died 03 July 1908. (South Melbourne)
Parents: Benjamin and Eliza, nee Dark
Marriage: Mary Prosser Jones; 4d.
Occupation: Sawmiller
Religion: Methodist

Career: Emigrated Aust. 1843; in South Australia1847; spent some time in N. Queensland; visited NZ; was a miner, builder and master carpenter in Vic. (sometime in Geelong); finally settled in Gippsland; built saw mills at Warragul 1884 and other centres, and sold much of his timber from a shop at Ballarat; made a fortune and lost most of it in land speculation. Grazing interests. Councillor Buln Buln 1879

House Electorate Start *   End *  
MLCGippslandSeptember 1889 October 1898Resigned

Other seats contested: Gippsland Province 1886, 1888
Appointments: Royal commission State forests 1897
References: Leavitt, T. W. H. and Lilburn, W. D. (eds), 'The Jubilee History of Victoria and Melbourne', 2 vols, Melbourne, 1888; Age, Argus, 6 July 1908; Warragul Guardian, 7 July 1908
Initial data source: Thomson, K & Serle, G, 'A Biographical Register of the Victorian Legislature 1851-1900', ANU Press, 1972
Last update: 1972 (last date the record was checked and updated)

*The Start date for Members elected after 1900 is the date they were elected. The start date for pre-1900 Members is the date they were sworn in.