Richardson, John Ingles

Born 15 March 1938 (Shepparton, Victoria)
Parents: William, shopkeeper, and Ethelwyn Ingles Smith
Marriage: 11 May 1963 Alice Mary Salmon, nurse; 1s. 1d.
Occupation: Schoolteacher, manager and author
Education: Kerang State and High Schools; Ivanhoe Grammar School; Bendigo Teachers' College, Trained Primary Teachers Certificate 1957; Melbourne University, BCom 1963

Career: Schoolteacher Braybrook Primary School and lecturer Footscray Technical College 1961-1967; manager James Bennett (Vic.) Pty Ltd Booksellers & Publishers 1967-1976; executive member Aust. Library Promotion Council 1969-1983; trustee Book House; National Book Council Vic. 1981-1983, director Victorian State Opera 1980-90; member Victorian Institute of Secondary Education Council 1982; script-writer for ATV0 'Magic Circle Club', ABC 'Adventure Island' and other TV programs, author of five children's books.

Party: Liberal Party
Party Note: State Council Delegate since 1965. Branch President and Secretary at various times. Select Committees at various times.

House Electorate Start *   End *  
MLAForest HillMarch 1976November 2002

Inaugural speech

Appointments: Shadow Minister for Educational Services 1982. Assistant to Leader of the Opposition 1982-83. Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs 1982-85; Ethnic Affairs 1983-85; Education 1989-90; Community Services, Housing and Aboriginal Affairs 1990-91. Public Accounts committee 1976-1980. Public Accounts and Expenditure Review committee 1980-1982. Select Committee of Inquiry into Community Welfare Dept. Documents 1981; Economic & Budget Review Committee 1982-83; Social Development Committee 1985-88; Chairman, Road Safety Committee 1992-99; Legislative Assembly Standing Orders Committee 1988-90 and 1992-99; Legislative Assembly Printing Committee 1992-96 and 1999-2002.
Publications: Children's books: Wilfred the Wombat; Gendarme the Police Horse; Gendarme at Work; Suey the Sheep Dog; Ace the Guard Dog. T.V. programmes: Magic Circle Club; Adventure Island; Sunnyside Up; ABC educational TV.

References: Who's Who in Australia; Victorian Parliamentary Handbook; 'Notable Australians', Melbourne, 1978; Age 23 Sept 1978; Nunawading Gazette 17 Sept 1980; Eastern Standard 30 March 1982; Sunday Telegraph 8 Aug 1982; personal information.
Initial data source: Browne, G, 'Biographical Register of the Victorian Parliament 1900-84', 1985
Last update: November 2002 (last date the record was checked and updated)

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