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Building Amendment Bill 2010

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The Building Amendment Bill 2011 was introduced into the Legislative Assembly on 8 February 2011 and received its second reading on 10 February 2011 .

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The Bill amends the Building Act 1993 to enable an owner, builder or lessee of a building to make an application to the Building Appeals Board for an exemption from, or modification to, regulations relating to the provision of access to public buildings for persons with disabilities.

The Bill also amends the Building Act to provide for the recognition of the National Construction Code series, which is the new series of volumes to be published by the Building Codes Board that will contain the Building Code of Australia and the Plumbing Code of Australia.



The National Construction Code series is part of the National partnership agreement to deliver a seamless national economy . The agreement was signed by COAG in February 2009 with the broad aim of increasing efficiency and enabling stronger economic growth by reducing the level of unnecessary and inconsistent regulation across Australian Jurisdictions.

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs Inquiry into the draft Disability (access to buildings) standards tabled Monday 15 June 2009. Victorian Government submission.

Disability (Access to Premises - Buildings) Standards 2010
(Premises Standards) a Legislative Instrument made under section 31(1) of the Commonwealth's Disability Discrimination Act 1992 ( DDA). The Premises Standards are to take effect on 1 May 2011.



Press coverage

Disabled 'apartheid' to end (The Age, May 15 2010)

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