Inquiry into Youth Justice Centres in Victoria

Hearings and Transcripts

Information on the Committee's public hearing schedule for this Inquiry will be posted here as it becomes available.

Corrected transcripts of these hearings will also be published here when finalised by the Committee.

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, East Melbourne

 Time Witness Transcripts
10.00 am

Jesuit Social Services
Julie Edwards, Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Clements, General Manager, Justice Programs

pdfTranscript(PDF 139.41 KB)

pdfQuestions on Notice1.14 MB

10.45 am

Department of Justice and Regulation
Jodi Henderson, Executive Director, Youth Justice Operations

pdfTranscript(PDF148.59 KB)

pdfOpening statement(PDF 31.20 KB)

11.45 am

Youth Affairs Council Victoria - CLOSED SESSION
Georgie Ferrari, Chief Executive Officer

Dr Jessie Mitchell, Policy Manager


pdfTranscript(PDF 167.80 KB)

pdfQuestions on Notice65.22 KB

12.30 pm

Berry Street
Trish McCluskey, Director Strategic Initiatives

Julian Pocock, Director Public Policy and Practice Development

pdfTranscript(PDF 129.49 KB)

pdfQuestions on Notice4.51 MB

2.00 pm

Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
Wayne Muir, Chief Executive Officer

Nerita Waight, Lawyer and Policy Officer

Patrick Warner, Principal Legal Officer, Civil Section

pdfTranscript(PDF 161.87 KB)
3.00 pm

Victoria Police
Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp

Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane 

pdfTranscript(PDF 180.67 KB)


Wednesday 22 March 2017

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, East Melbourne

 Time Witness Transcripts

Marnie Williams, Executive Director of Health and Safety

 pdfTranscript(PDF 141.46 KB)

pdfQuestions on Notice118.08 KB


Justice Policy Institute (USA)
Vincent Schiraldi

 pdfTranscript(PDF 153.03 KB)


Friday 17 March 2017

Meeting Room G6, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
10.00 am

Victorian Ombudsman
Ms Deborah Glass, Ombudsman

 pdfTranscript(PDF 157.81 KB)
11.00 am 

Commission for Children and Young People
Ms Liana Buchanan, Commissioner for Children and Young People

 pdfTranscript(PDF 171.09 KB)
12.00 pm

Ms Claire Seppings

 pdfTranscript(PDF 142.05 KB)

pdfQuestion on Notice84.92 KB

2.00 pm

Sentencing Advisory Council
Ms Lisa Ward, Deputy Chair

 pdfTranscript(PDF 121.27 KB)
3.00 pm

Youth Parole Board
Judge Michael Bourke, Chair

Dr Bernie Geary, Board Member

 pdfTranscript(PDF 173.34 KB)
3.45 pm

Professor Terry Laidler

 pdfTranscript(PDF 140.69 KB)
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