Bills this Week

In this section you can find links to bills Parliament is working on during a sitting week.  You can also access all Victorian bills and laws.

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Parliament is not sitting this week.  The next sitting week begins on Tuesday 24 May 2016.  Below are details of bills Parliament acted on during the sitting week of 3 May 2016.


New Bill released

Land (Revocation of Reservations - Regional Victoria Land) Bill 2016

Revokes the permanent reservations applying to four areas of land in regional Victoria previously reserved for specific purposes.

Primary Industries Legislation Amendment Bill 2016

Amends a range of Acts applying to the primary industries sector to abolish the Victorian Agricultural Chemicals Advisory Committee, extend the moratorium on the destruction of restricted breed dogs, update licensing arrangements under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986, makes administrative changes to the Game Management Authority, provides for the suspension of veterinary practitioners, allows the Game Management Authority to refuse to grant and cancel game licences, and makes further amendments to the Authority’s powers.

State Taxation and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2016

Makes a range of changes to taxation arrangements to tie in with budget measures set out in the budget papers.


Passed the Assembly (will now go to the Council)

House Contracts Guarantee Repeal Bill 2016

Land (Revocation of Reservations - Metropolitan Land) Bill 2016

Treasury and Finance Legislation Amendment Bill 2016


Amended by the Council (amendments will be considered by the Assembly)

Fines Reform and Infringements Acts Amendment Bill 2016

Integrity and Accountability Legislation Amendment (A Stronger System) Bill 2015


Bills passed Parliament (Royal Assent is next)

Occupational Licensing National Law Repeal Bill 2015

Consumer Acts and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2015

National Electircity (Victoria) Further Amendment Bill 2015

Rooming House Operators Bill 2015


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