Current Inquiries
Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services
Inquiry into Services for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Inquiry into Perinatal Services

Past InquiriesCompleted Date
Inquiry into the Social Inclusion of Victorians with a Disability17-09-2014
Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Organisations13-11-2013
Inquiry into Workforce Participation by People with a Mental Illness10-10-2012
Inquiry into Opportunities for Participation of Victorian Seniors14-08-2012
Inquiry into the Adequacy and Future Directions of Public Housing in Victoria06-10-2010
Inquiry into Supported Accommodation for Victorians with a Disability and/or Mental Illness12-01-2010
The Involvement of Small and Medium Size Business in Corporate Social Responsibility19-08-2008