Inquiry into the Approaches to Homework in Victorian Schools

Media Release - Homework Inquiry

The Committee has issued a pdf Media Release - 58.46 Kb in relation to its public hearings for the Homework Inquiry.

Public hearings - Media Release - 27 April 2014

The Victorian Parliament’s Education and Training Committee commences public hearings on Monday 28 April as part of its inquiry into the approaches to homework in Victorian schools.

The hearings will run for three days and will hear evidence from a number of people and organisations with an interest in the effectiveness of homework as a learning tool.

The terms of reference for the inquiry relate to:

·         evidence supporting the value of homework;

·         current approaches to homework, including application of, and access to, technology outside of the classroom/school; and

·         future of homework in Victorian schools.

A copy of the terms of reference can be obtained on the Committee’s website at

The hearings begin on Monday morning with Associate Professors Richard Walker and Mike Horsley, of Sydney University and Central Queensland University respectively, who are the authors of a major book on the subject of homework, Reforming Homework.

Others to give evidence will be the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, school principals’ associations, parent bodies and parents, schools’ associations, individual schools, teachers and students, the education union and organisations concerned with disability and disadvantage.

The hearings will be held in the Committee Offices, Ground Floor, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne.  The complete public hearing programme is available on the Committee’s website.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the hearings.

Media Contact: Chair, Mrs Jan Kronberg, MLC, 03 9870 8284

Administrative Enquiries: Michael Baker, Executive Officer, 03 8682 2821 or 0404 848 896.

The Committee has issued a pdf Media Release in relation to its Homework Inquiry - 59.65 Kb


The Victorian Parliament’s Education and Training Committee today called for public input into its inquiry into approaches to homework in Victorian schools, focusing on the impact on student learning.

“This important inquiry will look into elements such as evidence supporting the value of homework, the benefits to individual students' learning, the contribution to discipline and other life skills, and the engagement of parents in student learning” said the Committee’s Chair, Jan Kronberg MLC.

In examining current approaches to homework, the Committee will be considering matters such as:

  • the application of and access to technology outside of the classroom/school as a tool to reinforce learning;
  • differences across primary and secondary school and the sectors;
  • approaches in Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse background communities;
  • individual versus team homework;
  • conceptual versus applied and relevance to curriculum;
  • integration into how teachers help students learn;
  • and assessment; reporting and feedback methods.

The Committee’s inquiry will also look forward, and will consider the future of homework in Victorian schools – including the balance between reinforcing what has been learnt in the classroom with time to undertake extracurricular activities and to spend time with family.

It will also consider differentiated approaches for primary and secondary schools and the nature and time dedicated to homework to facilitate best student learning in different communities.

“Mrs Kronberg said that “The debate on the effectiveness of homework as an educational tool is not new but this important inquiry will clarify the current approaches in a Victorian context and will provide insights into best practice into the future.”

The Committee is interested to hear from schools and school communities, teachers, students, parents and anyone else with an interest in the impact on learning of homework.

Mrs Kronberg urged all interested individuals and organisations to make a submission to the Inquiry.

The closing date for submissions is 14 February 2014.

The Inquiry’s Terms of Reference and information about how to make a submission to the Committee are available on the Committee’s website at

Media comment: Committee Chair Mrs Jan Kronberg (03) 9870 8284/0417 344 481
Background: Inquiry Secretary (03) 86822823

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