Terms of Reference

Referred to the Committee from the Legislative Assembly on 3 June 2003 -

For Inquiry, consideration and report by 31 March 2004 on sustainable urban design for new communities in outer suburban areas and, in conducting the Inquiry, the committee is to:

  1. Identify the current practice of urgan design for new communities and articulate the potential contribution of urban design to sustainability objectives;
  2. Examine best practice urban design in urban development projects by state agencies;
  3. Examine and report on the relationship and opportunities in the achievement of urban design objectives between the public and private domains;
  4. Investigate the potential effectiveness of the Pride of Place program in the achievement of sustainable urban design for new communities; and
  5. Investigatge the contribution of key elements of urban design to the achievement of greenhouse strategy and Melbourne 2030 objectives, including:
    - water sensitive design;
    - provision of public open space;
    - road safety;
    - public safety;
    - reduced car dependency; and
    - physical and social well-being.

Following requests for an extension in the Inquiry reporting date, the Committee is now due to report to the Parliament on 30 September 2004.



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