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1990 Thursday, January 4

Former Victorian Premier Sir Henry Edward Bolte died.

1990 Thursday, March 29

Rob Jolly resigned as Treasurer in an effort to break a deadlock in the Victorian Government over dumping him, following the State Bank of Victoria losses.

1990 Tuesday, April 24

The Liberal Party and the National Party form a coalition in Victoria, led by Liberal Leader Alan Brown and National Party Leader Pat McNamara.

1990 Sunday, July 1

The wearing of bicycle helmets was made compulsory in Victoria.

1990 Thursday, August 9

John Cain (Jnr) retired as Victorian Premier and became the longest serving Labor Premier having served a total of 3047 days. Joan Elizabeth Kirner was subsequently sworn in as Victoria's first female Premier.

Joan Elizabeth Kirner became Victoria's first female Premier. John Cain (Jnr) resigned as Premier following growing criticism over the collapse of the Pyramid group of companies, and continuing disunity in the Labor Party.

1990 Thursday, October 25

Nelson Mandela visited the Victorian Parliament after his release on 11 February 1990 from 27 years in prison in South Africa.

1991 Saturday, March 16

Former Australian governor-general Sir John Kerr, who dismissed the Whitlam Labor government in 1975, dies in Sydney aged 76.

1992 Wednesday, April 22

Dr. J. Davis McCaughey, A.C. retired as Governor of Victoria.

1992 Thursday, April 23

The Honourable Richard E. McGarvie, A.C., Q.C. was sworn in as Governor of Victoria.

1992 Tuesday, May 5

The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet and 1989 Nobel Laureate visited the Victorian Parliament.

1992 Friday, August 14

Dissolution of 51st Victorian Parliament.

1992 Saturday, October 3

A general election was held in Victoria.

1992 Tuesday, October 6

Victoria first female Premier Joan Elizabeth Kirner retired from office having served 790 days.

Jeffrey Gibb Kennett assumed office as Premier of Victoria.

1992 Tuesday, October 27

Opening of 52nd Victorian Parliament.

The Hon. John Edward Delzoppo became Victoria's 30th Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

The Hon. Bruce Anthony Chamberlain became Victoria's 17th President of the Legislative Council.

1993 Thursday, February 4

The Victorian Government completed a compromise deal with tramway workers to phase out conductors on trams but to preserve threatened services.

1993 Sunday, February 28

Victorian road rules were changed for cars turning left at intersections to have the right of way before those making a right hand turn, bringing the Victorian road laws in line with other Australian states.

1993 Wednesday, April 7

Victorian Parliament suspended following uproar over the announcement of plans to cut back superannuation entitlements of public servants.

1993 Wednesday, June 16

The Victorian Government and Telecom Australia launched a new $25 million emergency service communications network to link all State public sector agencies on one network, the first in Australia and one of the largest in the world.

1993 Monday, June 28

Kurdish protesters, posing as tourists, made their way into the Legislative Assembly chamber of the Parliament House (and another group occupied the United Nations office in Sydney) to focus attention on the Kurds' independence struggles against Turkey and the abuse of human rights by the Turkish Government.

1993 Tuesday, August 17

The 11000th Act of the Victorian Parliament, the Land Titles Validation Act 1993 assented to 17 August 1993

1993 Friday, September 3

Official visit to Victorian Parliament by His Excellency, Dr Richard Von Weizsacker, President of the Federal Republic of Germany.

1994 Thursday, April 28

The Melbourne City Circle free tram service was launched by the Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett.

1994 Tuesday, May 17

Cate Mackenzie, former barrister and Assistant Chief Parliamentary Counsel in Victoria, blind from childhood, was appointed President of the Victorian Equal Opportunity Board.

1994 Tuesday, July 19

The 55th floor of the Rialto Tower in Collins Street, Melbourne, the city's tallest building, was opened as an observation deck by the Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett.

1994 Wednesday, September 14

Premier Jeff Kennett, opened the new $65 million Peter McCallum Cancer Institute in East Melbourne.

1995 Tuesday, February 7

Fifteen people were arrested in a violent protest clash with police at Albert Park following further cutting down of trees. This was in protest at the staging of the Grand Prix at Albert Park.

1995 Tuesday, February 28

Dr Timothy Potts succeeded James Mollison as Director of the National Gallery of Victoria.

1995 Tuesday, May 23

The Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett, launched Vicnet, the Government's new open-access community computer network, at Melbourne Central.

1995 Thursday, May 25

The Full Bench of the Employee Relations Commission in Victoria proposed a multi-tiered wage system for Victorian workers under the state system.

1995 Friday, July 28

The Victorian Government signed a $1.7 billion agreement with Transurban for the construction of the City Link tollways linking the Tullamarine Freeway with the South Eastern Freeway.

1996 Monday, March 4

Victorian County Court judge, Judge Rosemary Anne Balmford, became the first woman Supreme Court judge in Victoria.

1996 Tuesday, March 5

Dissolution of 52nd Victorian Parliament.

1996 Thursday, March 28

Neil Comrie, Victorian Police Commissioner, appointed a task force, Project Guardian, to tackle police corruption in the state.

1996 Saturday, March 30

A general election was held in Victoria.

1996 Wednesday, April 3

Hon Louise Asher MLC became Victoria's youngest female Minister at the age of 40 and also the first Liberal female Minister in the Legislative Council.

1996 Monday, April 8

Fire destroys Kew Cottages home for disabled in Melbourne, killing nine people.

1996 Tuesday, May 14

Opening of 53rd Victorian Parliament.

The Hon. Sidney James Plowman became Victoria's 31st Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

1996 Sunday, June 16

The Big Issue, a new monthly magazine, was launched in Melbourne for sale by the homeless in the streets.

1996 Tuesday, November 12

Both Houses of the Victorian Parliament unanimously passed a resolution endorsing multiculturalism and condemning racial intolerance.

1996 Wednesday, December 4

The Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett scraps $80 million Parliament House renovations, claiming there was no longer cross-party support for the project. Mr Kennett said Labor’s opposition to Government legislation allowing sandstone mining in the Grampians national park to restore the facade, “destroyed” the bipartisanship and the plan could not proceed.

1996 Monday, December 23

John Brumby was re-elected leader of the Victorian Parliamentary Labor Party and Opposition leader, with John Thwaites replacing Demetri Dollis as deputy leader.

1997 Wednesday, April 23

The Honourable Richard E. McGarvie, A.C., Q.C. retired as Governor of Victoria.

1997 Thursday, April 24

The Honourable Sir James A. Gobbo, A.C., C.V.O. was sworn in as Governor of Victoria.

1997 Thursday, July 24

Premier of Victoria, Jeff Kennett, opened the new $65 million Sports and Aquatic Centre at Albert Park in Melbourne.

1997 Wednesday, September 17

Premier Jeff Kennett moves the following motion in the Legislative Assembly to apologise to the Aboriginal people... "That this house apologises to the Aboriginal people on behalf of all Victorians for the past policies under which Aboriginal children were removed from their families and expresses deep regret at the hurt and distress this has caused and reaffirms its support for reconciliation between all Australians."

1997 Saturday, October 11

The Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett, introduced legislation in Parliament to restructure the office of the Auditor-General and set up Audit Victoria.

1997 Tuesday, November 11

Victorian Liberal Minister, Roger Pescott, resigned his state seat of Mitcham in protest against the Kennett Government legislation to restructure the Office of the Auditor General.

1997 Wednesday, December 10

The Victorian Parliament passed the Audit Act Amendment Bill, reconstructing the office of the Auditor-General, after a three and a half hour debate in the Legislative Council. The WorkCover Bill abolishing the right of workers to sue their employers for workplace injuries was similarly passed next day.

1998 Tuesday, January 20

The Metcard automated public transport ticketing system began operations in several Melbourne area railway stations.

1998 Wednesday, February 4

Maritime Union members began a strike at Webb Dock terminal in the Port of Melbourne as a political protest against their employer Patrick Stevedores leasing half the dock to the National Farmers Federation company, Producers and Consumers Stevedores.

1998 Friday, July 24

Victorian Liberal MP , Peter McLellan, Member for Frankston East, resigned from the party in protest over alleged corrupt Liberal Party Senate preselection, changes to WorkCover and the auditor-general’s office.

1998 Tuesday, August 11

The Ian Potter Museum of Art was opened at the University of Melbourne by Jeff Kennett, Premier of Victoria.

1998 Friday, September 25

A series of explosions rocks Victoria's main gas plant at Longford near Sale, killing two people and injuring eight others, one critically. Gas supplies throughout the State are severely depleted, and gas users are told to turn off their meters.

1999 Monday, March 22

Steve Bracks was elected new leader of the Parliamentary Labor Party and Opposition leader in the Victorian Parliament, following the resignation of John Brumby.

1999 Sunday, May 30

The Bolte Bridge across the Yarra River in Melbourne, part of the City Link project, was named in honour of former Victorian Premier, Sir Henry Bolte, and opened by Premier Jeff Kennett.

1999 Tuesday, August 24

Dissolution of 53rd Victorian Parliament.

1999 Saturday, September 18

Jeff Kennett lost the general election.

A general election was held in Victoria.

1999 Monday, October 18

Premier Steve Bracks signed the Memorandum of Understanding and delivered this to the Governor, Sir James Gobbo, after three Independent lower house MPs, Russell Savage (Mildura) and Susan Davies (West Gippsland) and Craig Ingram (Gippsland East), agree to support a Labor Government in Victoria.

1999 Tuesday, October 19

Premier of Victoria Jeffrey Gibb Kennett retired from office having served 2570 days.

Stephen Phillip Bracks assumed office as Premier of Victoria.

1999 Friday, October 22

Pat McNamara, leader of the National Party announced the National Party would split from the coalition which they had formed with the Liberal Party in 1990.

1999 Tuesday, October 26

Dr Denis Napthine elected new leader of the Victorian Parliamentary Liberal Party and Opposition leader, following the resignation of Jeff Kennett as leader.

1999 Wednesday, November 3

Jeff Kennett, former Victorian Premier, resigns from Parliament, forcing a by-election in his seat of Burwood.

Opening of 54th Victorian Parliament.

The Hon. Alex Andrianopoulos became Victoria's 32nd Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

1999 Thursday, December 16

Peter Ryan, MLA for Gippsland South, replaced Pat McNamara as leader of the National Party in the Victorian Parliament.

1999 Wednesday, December 22

The appointment, terms and conditions, pension and removal of office provisions relating to the Victoria’s Director of Public Prosecutions included and entrenched into Victoria’s constitution

2000 Saturday, January 1

The appointment, terms and conditions, payment, independence and tenure of office provisions relating to the Victoria’s Auditor General included and entrenched into Victoria’s constitution

2000 Monday, February 28

The British electrical power transmission company, National Grid International, was chosen as preferred bidder to construct the Basslink electricity cable from Tasmania to Victoria across Bass Strait.

2000 Wednesday, May 31

Aboriginal elders from the Wurundjeri and Boonerwrung tribes addressed a special sitting of the Victorian Parliament which was to debate a bi-partisan motion in support of reconciliation.

2000 Wednesday, July 5

The centenary of the passing of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act in the British Parliament and receiving the Royal Assent by Queen Victoria was celebrated by the Australian Prime Minister, former Prime Ministers and state Premiers and others in a week long visit to London taking part in a number of relevant Australian-centred commemorative activities as 'Australia Week'.

2000 Friday, October 6

The Victorian and NSW Governments announced a deal to increase the flow of water in the Snowy River to 21% of the original flow with $300 million devoted to reducing evaporation and irrigation leaks on the Murray and other major rivers.

Christopher Koch won the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Fiction with his novel 'Out of Ireland', with Adrian Caesar winning the non-fiction prize for 'The White'.

2000 Sunday, December 31

The Honourable Sir James A. Gobbo, A.C., C.V.O. retired as Governor of Victoria.